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Five Keys to Securing New Pianos

Motivation and Desire

Investment of Time and Research

Trusting Experienced Partners

Turning "NO" into Opportunities

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Institutional Services

Red Bird has spent 13 years and tens of thousands of hours developing proposals and presentations that have secured millions of dollars for instruments, specifically pianos. We know this process works and together, we can enhance your music program with new pianos in 9 to 15 months.

Fleet Replacement Study

We will conduct a comprehensive study on your current piano fleet and create an achievable replacement program. Our Fleet Replacement Studies go far beyond the standard Inventory Analysis and/or Fleet Report. We delve into numerous areas which enhance the presentation and value of our studies. With this deeper approach we are met with very few unanswered questions. Over the years, we have found the additional information we compile has had a positive impact on results -- securing more funds for new instruments.

Digital Lab Replacement

Digital technology has become a vital element in the music industry. Without a properly updated and comprehensive Digital Lab, your music department is operating at a disadvantage. A digital piano lab expands the curriculum in keyboard education for group instruction and group performance. We can help you create the perfect lab to explore the use of technology to produce modern music.

Comprehensive Service Contracts

We include a two-year comprehensive service program with each piano placement. Our piano pre-delivery preparation and installation service contracts guarantee outstanding performance during the initial stages of a new pianos progression. We can work with you and your technician to develop an endowment fund for continued service and maintenance.

Quality Rebuilding Services

During the Fleet Assessment, you may identify pianos you would prefer to rebuild rather than replace. We offer a piano loan/rebuild program, which ensures you always have a piano available during the rebuilding process. Our affiliation with custom rebuilding experts throughout the United States and Europe enable us to work within your institution’s budget.

Piano Instrument Accessories

We supply durable accessories such as piano trucks, fallboard locks, Digital Thermal Hygrometers, concert benches and more. Our custom covers are unparalleled and ensure your investment is protected from dust, environment, and players. We designed custom covers to specifically protect four targeted institutional areas – practice room upright pianos, practice room grand pianos, grand pianos in the classroom and concert settings, and pianos in professor offices and teaching studios.

Delivery and Setup

Our national custom piano carriers specialize in large and small quantity moves from multiple manufacturers across the country and internationally. They are fully bonded and insured. Working with our national carrier and local piano delivery companies, we can coordinate the installation with maximum efficiency and minimal interruption within your music department.