Red Bird Team Members

William Bruno Santo

Tammy K. Mair

Catherine McQuilkin

Juliy Divine

Glenna B. Santo

Dr. Alejandro Sabre

Red Bird Institutional Music Company

The Red Bird Team has over one hundred combined years of experience working with academic institutions and over fifty combined years working inside the music industry. Over the past twelve years, we have fine-tuned our approach and developed a system that guarantees the seamless integration of new pianos into the music department of institutions across the country. To date Red Bird LLC has facilitated the placement of hundreds of institutional quality pianos, service contracts, accessories and musical instruments.


Red Bird is THE Factory Authorized Institutional Reseller!

School of Music

Our Motivation and Purpose:

To strengthen the foundation of Fine Arts

To provide future professionals with vital skills that can only be attained through the cultivation of musical talents and performance facilitated by an optimal infrastructure of high quality pianos and musical instruments

To advance confidently each day fueled by our inherent passion and by the knowledge we can secure funds to upgrade musical instruments at educational institutions worldwide